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序号 文献
篇名 通讯作者 第一作者 文献来源 2017 IF 期刊分区 全文
1 Article 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin and TGF beta 3-Mediated Mouse
Embryonic Palatal Mesenchymal Cells
高丽云(校本部公共卫生学院) 高丽云(校本部公共卫生学院) DOSE-RESPONSE.2019 MAR 3;17(1). 2.435 4 下载全文
2 Article A critical role of the transient receptor potential melastatin 2 channel
in a positive feedback mechanism for reactive oxygen species-induced
delayed cell death
"Jiang, LH"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) 李新(校本部基础医学院) JOURNAL OF CELLULAR PHYSIOLOGY.2019 APR;234(4):3647-3660. 3.923 2 下载全文
3 Article A Targeting Membrane Injury Strategy via Calcification for the
Inhibition of Leukemia Cells
"Yang, L"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) "Zhu, Lin"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) CHEMISTRYSELECT.2019 APR 9;4(13):3642-3645. 1.505 4 下载全文
4 Article Abnormalities of white matter microstructure in unmedicated patients
with obsessive-compulsive disorder: Changes after cognitive behavioral
"Zhang, D"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) "Zhong, ZhaoXi"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR.2019 FEB;9(2). 2.219 4 下载全文
5 Article Acute effect of ambient air pollution on hospitalization in patients
with hypertension: A time-series study in Shijiazhuang, China
(校本部公共卫生学院) 宋杰(校本部公共卫生学院) ECOTOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY.2019 APR 15;170:286-292. 3.974 2 下载全文
6 Article Acute restraint stress triggers progesterone withdrawal and endometrial
breakdown and shedding through corticosterone stimulation in mouse
menstrual-like model
"Xu, XB"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) "Wang, Shu-Fang"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) REPRODUCTION.2019 FEB;157(2):149-161. 3.086 3 下载全文
7 Article Age-related changes in neuroinflammation and prepulse inhibition in
offspring of rats treated with Poly I:C in early gestation
李文强(第二附属医院其他科室) 丁爽(第二附属医院其他科室) BEHAVIORAL AND BRAIN FUNCTIONS.2019 MAR 5;15. 2.449 4 下载全文
8 Article Amelioration of PM2.5-induced lung toxicity in rats by nutritional
supplementation with fish oil and Vitamin E
吴卫东(校本部公共卫生学院) 李娟(校本部公共卫生学院) RESPIRATORY RESEARCH.2019 APR 16;20. 3.751 2 下载全文
9 Article Amorphous nano-selenium quantum dots improve endothelial dysfunction I
it in rats and prevent atherosclerosis in mice through Na+ /H+ exchanger
1 inhibition
"Yang, L"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) "Zhu, Mo-Li"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) VASCULAR PHARMACOLOGY.2019 APR;115:26-32. 3.607 3 下载全文
10 Article Amplitude of low-frequency fluctuations in childhood-onset schizophrenia
with or without obsessive-compulsive symptoms: a resting-state
functional magnetic resonance imaging study
郭素琴(第二附属医院精神科) 梁颖慧(第二附属医院精神科) ARCHIVES OF MEDICAL SCIENCE.2019 JAN;15(1):126-133. 2.344 4 下载全文
11 Article Analysis of differentially expressed circular RNAs for the
identification of a coexpression RNA network and signature in colorectal
张哲莹(校本部生命科学技术学院) 张哲莹(校本部基础医学院) JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY.2019 APR;120(4):6409-6419. 2.959 3 下载全文
12 Article Antimony in urine during early pregnancy correlates with increased risk
of gestational diabetes mellitus: A prospective cohort study
"Yang, NH"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) "Zhang, Guofu"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) ENVIRONMENT INTERNATIONAL.2019 FEB;123:164-170. 7.297 1 下载全文
13 Article Application of Capeline Ostomy Bag in Children with Low Body Weight and
Intestinal Fistula
"Zhang, N"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) Chen Jingjing(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) INVESTIGACION CLINICA.2019 ;60(2):306-312. 0.318 4 下载全文
14 Article Are Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Avoidant Coping Inhibitory
Factors? The Association Between Posttraumatic Growth and Quality o Life
Among Low-Grade Gliomas Patients in China
"Wang, XY"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) "Li, Junyi"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY.2019 FEB 19;10. 2.089 下载全文
15 Article Association of BER and NER pathway polymorphism haplotypes and
micronucleus frequencies with global DNA methylation in benzene-exposed
workers of China Effects of DNA repair genes polymorphisms on genetic
"Xia, ZL"(我校参与的SCI论文2019年) 张光辉(校本部公共卫生学院) MUTATION RESEARCH-GENETIC TOXICOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL MUTAGENESIS.2019 MAR;839:13-20. 1.996 3 下载全文